About CTSG

From 2012 through 2015 The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery was the live, work & exhibition space of Oakland-based multidisciplinary artist, Larissa and husband, Omar Dahroug, at Oakland, California’s historic Cotton Mill Studios. At CTSG, Larissa created a space where her where multiple disciplines of Art merged inspiring critical thought, creativity, personal and community growth, Arts education and appreciating through the vehicle of rotating exhibits, special events, sale/commission of Art-work, private tours and/or workshops. CTSG is no longer.


“I believe creating a tangible, physical dialogue about the world that surrounds us is the responsibility of artists. I believe Art has the ability to transform communities by inspiring meaningful dialogue about issues like race, class, gender, faith, governance and Love if approached and executed in a thoughtful way. The Clock Tower is my vision and Omar’s joy. Opening a gallery is a political and revolutionary act. It is in a spirit of socio-political activism that we have opened The Clock Tower Studio/Gallery.” -Larissa
Larissa is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her media includes visual, performing, writing and healing arts. She was born (1979) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but grew up mostly in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 2001. Larissa’s creative sensibility is very eclectic, drawing from her faith as well as various mediums, inspirations, philosophies, cultures, artistic and political movements. Since July 2012 Larissa has been a contributing board member of F3 Oakland. From 2006 to 2008 Larissa served on the board of the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco as Guildletter editor. She has taught art for the San Jose Museum of Art in San Jose, California and at the Creative Arts Center in Sunnyvale, California. Her metalwork has been published in the Santa Clara Review and in Lark Book’s The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry. Her sewn-paintings are included in the collections of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Santa Rosa at the Glaser Center and the The Angela Center in Santa Rosa, California. Her writing has been published by patch.com and The Peace Press. Larissa is a member of ASCAP, performs original and cover music and spoken word and cantors at the 2PM Mass most Sundays at Cathedral of Christ the Light. Larissa has been a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher since November of 2006. She has studied Reiki with and received Attunements from Ashanna Solaris, Brenda Wahl Siemering and William Lee Rand. Larissa’s practice includes private Reiki treatments as well as Reiki training and Attunements.
Omar is a part-time assistant at The Clock Tower Studio / Gallery, where he lives with his wife Larissa and their four cats. He was born in Toronto, Canada and lived in Michigan before coming to the Bay Area in 2001. He has lived in Sunnyvale, Santa Rosa, and has been living in Oakland since 2011. When not working at The Clock Tower, Omar is a software engineer at Google. He has a masterʼs degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, and a bachelorʼs degree in EE from Kettering University.

The CTSG Space