Welcome 2016

Six years ago I began a New Year’s tradition. It is empowering to establish personal traditions. I also believe it’s a very American thing to do. Let’s start the conversation by defining terms: Tradition, American, & Empowering.

TPhoto on 1-16-16 at 6.37 PMradition: noun – an event or set of behaviors acknowledged and repeated at specific times under specific conditions by a person or group of people.

American: adjective – of or pertaining to culture and society located on the continents of North and/or South America, incorporated and unincorporated territories; often blending multiple traditions from indigenous cultures and immigrant cultures due to immigration, marital unions, conquest, AND/or inter mingling of genetics.

Empowering: adjective – any conscious action or inaction that serves to support a forensic case for personally held beliefs or ideologies of an individual or group.

SO…six years ago I began a tradition of reading a specific deck of tarot cards at midnight on New Year’s Eve/Day. The deck I use for this reading is the Osho Zen Tarot Deck.I have come to understand Osho is a controversial figure in some circles of people. While I am not an Osho devotee, I have read some of his words. I neither endorse or condemn the man who came to be known as Osho in the United States. My experience with the deck of cards has been fruitful in self discovery and spiritual reflection. I started reading the deck 12 years ago. In my process I do not seek to predict the future. In my tradition, I use the cards to explore the energies and environment of the present moment detached from judgment of good vs. bad.

Conventionally, tarot cards are taboo among Christians. I am a traditional person, NOT a conventional person and I use cards as a means of praxis, an additional way to inform the direction of my Art and life’s work. It is accurate to say my tradition empowers me and my Art in my desire to serve the Highest Good with all of my being. The following are links to my card reading as the world enters 2016:



Another American, far more prominent than I, also has a New Year’s tradition of addressing the United States and world at the beginning of the year…the President of the United States of America. This is a link to the 2016 State of the Union Address from President Barak Obama. There is much pain and suffering in the world and even I find myself feeling discouraged and down-trodden from time to time and let myself become frustrated and angry. Anger isn’t always a bad thing. It’s often an indicator of injustice. Each time I face my own anger – accept myself and turn to God in the prayer of my life’s work, my ART – I an victorious in the struggle to be human in an inhumane world. We all do.

Yes, Mr. President…God Bless the USA…AND…Welcome 2016!




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