Oakland Re-connect

Living in an urban center like Oakland is still relatively new to me. I’ve lived in Oakland for almost 5 years. As a person who grew up in the burbs and more rural community the energy of the city can be a challenging place to live. Feeling alienated and separate from the city in which we live, Omar and I decided to make a visit to the cultural heart of Oakland to re-connect…the Oakland Museum.

The Oakland Museum is a unique blend of local Fine Art, Craft and History with national and international relevance. The landscape hugging structure of open air walk ways between galleries creates a campus like feeling where visitors can’t help but be aware they are learning something…AND enjoying it. The museums’ collection is diverse and of high quality with the emphasis on local artists and local Bay Area history. Themes for exhibitions are on pulse with Oakland’s most intellectual and revolutionary minds. I Love the museums’ new-ish slogan campaign: The Oakland Museum of Us. It really is a museum accessible to and representative of Bay Area people…and Omar and I are proud to be members. Thank you to the Oakland Museum for a much needed re-connection with Art community and reminder of the important role artists play in culture and society…

Yes, even after almost 37 years of living in this body, from time to time I need to reminded myself why I make Art.

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